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We know that when you are searching for a counsellor for yourself or for someone you love, that it can be a nerve-wracking time & that you'd probably like to know who we are, when we are open, & what you can expect before you book a session with us.


It's here on this page that we endeavor to answer some of those questions. So take a look around, read some details, & when you're ready..... give us a CALL to book your first session. If you'd prefer to TEXT or EMAIL us, you're welcome to do that as well.

call or text: 780.919.6784



There is always HOPE

Who is Light's Hope Counselling & Wellness? // 01

At Light's Hope Counselling & Wellness we are passionate about seeing freedom, wholeness & healing come to those we work with. We want to see this happen in every area of their lives - Body-Soul-Spirit, Mind, Will & Emotions. 

We believe in HOPE. 

We believe in confidentiality. Your information is privileged & confidential... both during sessions & long after therapy has ended & we abide by the professional code of ethics of our professions.

We believe in affordability. Our session costs are on a sliding scale & are based upon gross household income. Check out #4 on this page for more info on rates.

We believe in marriage. We offer many couples a 2nd chance at starting over - whether it is after something regrettable has happened or after distance has lengthened. #criticism #contempt #defensiveness #stonewalling 

We believe in life after divorce. We work with individuals thru this process & support them as they navigate this emotionally, mentally and financially draining season of life.

We believe in family. We work with parents, teens, adult children, & couples. If communication has broken down we want to work with you to renew it.

We believe in YOU. Whatever you are facing, fighting, or in the process of overcoming we want to partner with you. We believe in the beauty after the ashes. We believe in 2nd chances. We believe that a diagnosis is not the end of your story. We believe in YOU.

Do You Work With Couples Or Just With Individuals? // 03

YES - we work with individuals & YES - we love working with couples. We understand that traditional marriage counselling has limited effectiveness. That's why in our work with couples we utilize the Gottman Method. We will work to decrease and eliminate the 4 characteristics that predict divorce with over 86% accuracy:

- criticism,

- contempt,

- defensiveness, &

- stonewalling.


With couples we offer:

- couples counselling,

- marriage counselling, 

- pre-marriage preparation, 

- infertility support,

- support during recovery from an affair, or, regrettable incident, &

- individual counselling sessions along with joint sessions.

Which Areas Do You Specialize In?// 02

While this is not an exhaustive list, it does highlight many areas that we work with.

- depression in it's many forms including bipolar disorders,

- anxiety including GAD,

- OCD behaviors,

- anger management and the underlying causes,

- postpartum adjustment & depression, 

- performance orientation,

- boundaries - when to say yes & how to say no,

- shame-based & defensive personality disorders, 

- physical/verbal/sexual abuse recovery & support, 

- grief recovery & support,

- miscarriage & infertility support,

- meta-emotion awareness & emotion coaching,

- eating disorders & disordered eating patterns, 

- LGBTQ support,

- patterns of addiction,

- divorce recovery,

- unwanted pregnancy support,

- prayer counselling - this is OPTIONAL as we work with clients of any faith (or non-faith) background. 

What Else Do I Need To Know? // 04


We are located in Leduc, AB, CANADA

We work out of a beautiful home office. Our address & directions are provided at the time of initial booking. We have a small waiting area so you're welcome to arrive early for your session & enjoy any of the refreshments on our beverage table. An assortment of Coffee, Teas, & Spring Water are provided along with creamer, honey, sugar, and Nuun hydration tablets. Slippers are also provided and can be found in the basket when you arrive.

We are fully insured and a member in good standing with the CPCA, the Canadian Professional Counsellor's Association.

We are currently open Monday & Tuesday late afternoons and evenings. Occasional weekends are offered. If you need a different appointment time please ask - we may open various mornings or afternoons upon sufficient request.

Our sessions are 60 minutes in length and longer sessions are available upon request (particularly for clients driving quite a lengthy commute).


Our session cost is on a sliding scale (please contact us here for more information). PLEASE NOTE this is because we believe in the affordability & accessibility of care. As such we make every effort to keep our overhead costs low so that we can continue to provide these affordable rates. 

Gift certificates are available at our office, and these make a great wedding gift!


We accept cash/EMT as payment types only and payment is due at the end of each session. Receipts are provided. 

Will session fees be covered by my benefit provider?

You will need to contact your benefit provider and ensure that an RPC (Registered Professional Counsellor) is covered under your plan. Statistically, about 1/2 the benefit providers in Canada are covering our fees. We can also discuss therapy costs being a write off at tax time, however, you will need to contact the CRA directly regarding this.

How often should I come?

Initially, we encourage you to come every 2 weeks so that we can establish the therapeutic relationship and you can begin to feel comfortable. We also have a lot to discuss and information to gather about yourself, your goals, & your family. After 2-3 months this could be reduced to once every 3 weeks, and then once every 4 weeks.

Do I have to be religious to come?

We can assure you that we successfully work with clients from many different faith (or non-faith) perspectives. 

To book your first session

call or text: 780.919.6784


We look forward to hearing from you!

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