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Come & Join Us! Anger Management Workshop - Summer 2016

Come and join us as we learn how to handle the emotion that is 'too hot to handle' in so many homes - ANGER.

These sessions will be across 5 evenings, in Leduc. Come and learn how to handle your anger in a healthy way, how to take charge of your emotions and how to detox from both the explosive & aggressive forms of anger as well as from passive aggressive anger. Also, come and learn how to handle the anger and angst of OTHERS and how to set boundaries with them.

Our homes should be safe - both EMOTIONALLY safe and physically safe. If you or someone you love could benefit from this 5 night series, PLEASE SHARE this with them or come and attend with them. There will be a minimum number of registrants that we must have in order to be able to run this course. Please see the poster for DATES, TIMES, COST, & LOCATION.

This could be the change you have been waiting for - come and get ahold of the information that could change your life!

Register 1 of 3 ways - TEXT, EMAIL, or CALL.

TEXT: 780.919.6784 EMAIL: CALL: 780.919.6784

Approximately 55% of marriages today end in divorce. Unresolved anger issues are one of the most significant underlying causes. The unfinished business around anger is destroying Christian homes. Anger is as much a destructive force in Christian homes as it is in non-Christian ones. In fact, in some cases anger can be more suppressed and oppressive in Christian homes.

You will learn to determine your anger level or another’s anger to see if it is problematic. Tools are given from a Christian point of view that will help you gain self-control in situations where anger is destructive. The goal is to learn to take responsibility for our feelings and express anger in a healthy way. There are methods of behavioral change that then can be used to help us escape the damaging consequences of anger. Anger produces abusive situations and in this course, methods to counter abusive anger are explored. How to deal with faulty Christian beliefs that can escalate anger are taught. These five nights of teaching will increase your awareness of the power of anger in our social lives, work experiences and our family lives.

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